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Primary Science Packs

Visualising progression from Year 1 to Year 6

Our clear, visual Primary Science Pathways sequence all of the key ideas and scientific vocabulary through the primary years. These are packaged into Yearly Overviews each with six detailed Topic Overviews and are supported with Teacher’s Science Planners which give full instructions.

Introducing the Topic Overviews.

Our clear, visual Topic Overviews sequence the progression of key scientific ideas and vocabulary through the six primary years. There are full teacher guides and instructions for each year group as well as easy to use assessment guides so teachers can plan for, and assess, pupil progress.


Family Colour

Within the CHSC Science Pathways are six ‘Families’ of science topics which relate to key themes within the KS1 & KS2 Science

Blue = Survival (Animals)
Green = Survival (Plants)
Brown = Energy Changes
Yellow = Forces
Pink = Materials
Grey = Earth & Space

This colour coding makes it easy to see how an individual topic relates to those taught in previous years. It also helps teachers to be aware of the concepts and vocabulary that will be taught in later years. Some biology topics cover both animal and plant concepts and so are coloured blue and green.

Key Vocabulary

The Key Vocabulary bubble contains scientific words that have been introduced in earlier years or topics (IN GREEN) and beneath them, are the key words and concepts that need to be understood during this phase in order to meet the demands of the new 2014 National Curriculum for Science (IN BLACK).

The 4 Key Concepts

The four bubbles each contain a key concept that must be covered during this topic. They tell you ‘what to teach’ in this topic. The outline colours of the bubbles enable teachers to see various themes within the family of topics and to check how these individual themes develop from Years 1 – 6. Doing this helps you to pitch your teaching to an appropriate level.


Primary Science Pathways Pack

The CHSC Science Pathways have been designed to ensure that there is a progression in understanding of the key concepts and scientific vocabulary as children progress through KS1 and KS2. They ensure that there is a spread of biology, chemistry and physics concepts covered in each year group. Planning your lessons around the Science Pathways will ensure that you meet and exceed the NC statutory requirements for the content to be covered by the end of each phase (KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2).

What is in this pack?

  • A page per view summary of the new 2014 National Curriculum for Science.
  • Six A3 size Yearly Planner posters covering the progression in vocabulary and key concepts from Year 1 to Year 6. These are in line with and exceed the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.
  • One A2 size staffroom poster showing the sequence of science from Years 1-6.
  • A USB memory stick with electronic copies of all resources.
  • A site licence for the use of all of these latest materials and resources within your school.
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